Hifinit is closing up shop

To anyone that has worked with us, followed us, or come across our work,

Thank you. Really, thank you so much. It’s been a great run that we’ve had here, and (as you all know) we’ve been so busy with work over the past few years that we barely had the time to reflect on what we’ve done and where we’ve been.

But, we’re moving on to (hopefully) bigger and better things, and as of a few months ago, have not accepted any new work, nor will we be in the foreseeable future.

Current clients can count on us to continue work in the short term! We’ll try get you to self-​​sufficiency with your sites, transition you to one of our partners, or Alex will continue your work individually as needed. (If you have any additional questions, email Alex.) Although Hifinit is moving on—we’re grateful for all of the trust you’ve put in us over the years, and want to make sure you still have the support you need.

I figured “we got some ’splaining’ to do”, for the small group of you who might be interested, so…


What we’re doing now

Geoff is now working with our long-​​time collab­o­rators, Yeti Technologies—they’ve expanded their own offerings to a full service design and devel­opment shop in San Francisco. If you need top-​​notch web or mobile design and devel­opment, they’re your guys. Seriously, they’re doing some really awesome stuff—some of our clients have already transi­tioned over to the “Yeti cave” and they haven’t missed a beat.

Alex is going to be supporting the remaining business we have here, but focusing increasingly on teaching in the BFA in Inter­action Design program at North­eastern as it expands. While he’ll be taking on some freelance work, it’ll be much more selective and probably focused on either inter­active infor­mation design or identity design. If you happen to be in need of those things, check out his personal site or shoot him an email.

Hifinit will remain as a business entity until all of our contracts are completed (so existing clients don’t have to worry about any contractual changes). Who knows, if the right project comes along, Geoff and I may tackle it out of personal interest. For now, we’re not taking on any new clients.


Why now?

Friends, family members and colleagues have asked us if we’re moving on because it was hard to find business. The short answer is no—business is actually booming, and we were turning down more jobs than we were taking on. I still recommend this as a career path to students, and I mean it. It’s rewarding, you can make a good living, and there aren’t a ton of startup costs. (The hours? Well, that’s another story…)

We’ve been lucky enough to work for some really inter­esting and wonderful clients, and we thank them for making this such a great ride. It’s not in spite of you that we decided to move on—it’s the excitement you bring to your causes, and the world of oppor­tu­nities you’ve opened that encourages us to pursue new things.

After a long and hard look at what we were doing here (and seeing the really cool work our clients and partners continue to do), Geoff and I both decided that we personally wanted to move in other directions.

Although it’s been a little bittersweet for us to stop working with the great network we’ve built up, and turn away from what could have been a life-​​long business, I think we both found that other paths will be more personally fulfilling.

To all the people that we’ve worked with, we hope to keep in touch—you never know how paths will cross again in the future.

Feel free to shoot either of us an email with questions, comments, concerns or just to say hi.

Honestly and earnestly—thank you.

Alex Turnwall & Geoff House