New exhibit website: We The Designers

We teamed up with North­eastern colleague and professor Thomas Starr to create an “online exhibit space” forWe The Designers: Reframing Political Issues in the Obama Era”—an exhibit of graphic works curated by Starr.

The website is meant to last as an enduring showcase of the physical exhibit which appeared at North­eastern last year. It also appeared at the National Press Club in Washington earlier this year, and will be on view at the Goldstein Museum of Design from September 28 to December 30, 2012.

From the exhibit guide:

Politicians, journalists and pundits use language. Graphic designers use visual language.

Drawing on two realms, designers unite visual and verbal content in compelling commu­ni­cation. In a divisive era, when words alone are not enough, can design thinking help unite citizens on the issues?

Graphic design causes us to take notice. In an information-​​saturated society, messages compete for our attention. Design is the competitive advantage. Tradi­tionally, the power of design belongs to those who commission it. Its influence is based more
on the agenda of those who employ design than on the worthiness of the message it conveys. Every designed message doing its job pulls us from other messages less well designed. Design of incon­se­quential content diverts the public’s attention from what is
of conse­quence […]”